Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry is one of the nine specialities of dentistry. The main focus of this department is on the treatment and management of dental and oral health issues in communities and the population who lack basic dental facilities, in rural and urban areas. It involves the assessment of the health care needs of the deprived communities and has a special emphasis on preventive measures.

The main aim of the department is identifying and measuring the public health problem and conducting a need assessment for a larger number of people. The dental public health professionals works on promotion of oral health by educating people, conducting research programmes and various outreach programmes for prevention and control of dental diseases.

All the major treatments in dentistry comes under the wide umbrella of Public Health Dentistry. It provides various opportunities and orients the students towards working for betterment of oral health, planning and assessing the treatment needs of people.

The training of the students in this department starts from 3rd year of B.D.S. by conduction of various outreach programmes like dental camps, school oral health programmes, fluoridation programmes, etc.