Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral Medicine is a specialty in dentistry which emphasizes on the importance of diagnosis and management of Oral and Dentofacial disorders. All patients visiting the department are screened after thorough medical history, clinical examination, radiographic examination which is recorded in the Out Patient proforma, diagnosed and sent to the respective departments for further management.

Oral Medicine and Radiology Department focusses on clinical diagnosis like oral lesions, oral cancer, potentially malignant disorders, Radiological diagnosis using digital Orthopantomogram (OPG), RadioVisioGraphy (RVG), imparting education on tobacco associated diseases to the patients, non-surgical management of oral lesions and conditions, TMJ disorders, intraoral lesion treatment, Management of medically compromised patients and patients with systemic diseases.

Our mission is to teach students (UG & PG) a very strong theoretical knowledge of Oral Medicine and Radiology as well as clinical skills so that they can serve and help the community in the fight against tobacco habits and oral cancer.